Friday, June 29, 2012

The Joneses

forty eight.

Then I was lost on land beside a different water.

Unfamiliar granite beneath my foot,
Steps echoing up and up
From one Emerald tower to the next
Until how much the same they all looked--
And I was lost.

And I thought if what I had was what I wanted.
And I thought on all the green this side of the fence
How little grass there is in the city.

In the world if I'm being honest, there's very little grass anymore
And such lovely gardens.
But the gardens are all silicone 
If I'm being honest.

And the chemicals that climb out of beakers, 
March in hoards 
Collide with the softness of our skin,
Smell our nakedness,
These are more green then the ground anymore.

If I'm being honest.
And I thought on how the sand felt rough and warm and
A tremendous adversary when I was young and I ran
From it into the sea.

The first time I came back home after being away,
How salty the air hit me
How clean.

There is a crack spreading from the top of this country to the edge
Drums shake it open
Our trembling all at once 
Shake it open.

And it circles round the outside of this country
And it weaves around the outside of these towns,
And we wedge our picket fences down the craters
And how alive the neighbors lawn looks when we're through!

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